An opaque wine bottle
cracked over a headstone
blisters longing,
scabbed heat
below the grass
night cools and
bones devour

over time, oil-slickened roads
red petals open onto breasts, shift
dresses and murky longing

too much meat
too many people
wrung their hands
the soil is dark, mixed
poured like marrow
below the grass
a worm pushed through rot-

a  yellow fingernail
with someone’s
heart still in it.

Greek Inheritance

What have you inherited?
A Greek unibrow; a speedboat named DIANA
Thick dark curls
Eyes blue and deep as the Mediterranean

A house like the top half of a robin’s egg
Nestled in the side of a cliff
Three perfect rooms

His roots, poured through you
like the green olive tree
Sweet-smelling and strong,
Now part of the earth

On your name day
A tall, crisp bottle of Ouzo
Salt in the glass,
Your father cried out on the water
His grief sprays out the back of your boat.