Baby Appeal

A certain someone,  
Annie, wants a baby
Let’s make evil- he kicked at her
Lovin and touchin in yellow grass,
naked in the rain for
one hot minute.

When the fire happens- he lied
this is the place
(universally speaking)
C’mon girl, and drink from this
body of water
Behind the sun we’ll have our baby
slowly deeply and pain twisting in the
Warm tape and
Why don’t you love me- because
You always sing the same.

True men don’t kill coyotes
by the way
You’re gonna get yours, Annie,
if you have to ask
(if you give it away).

A (partial) Found Poem. Source is the complete discography (song titles) of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We watch the
old black-and-white reruns
from the
backs of couches.

Lock this boy up,
he crashes his cars together-
trying to untape desks
Cut off the goalposts
And eat them tonight
Mom-in-the-kitchen stuff
Landing on her chin.

Wet shoes on the rubber mat-
Trying to read street signs
For what the earrings had cost
and for other articles
on subjects
on the milk-spilled floor.

A (partial) Found Poem, from Caroline B. Cooney’s “The Face on The Milk Carton”